PSM3750 주파수 응답 분석기 : 10μHz-50MHz, 절연 입력 (500Vpk), 절연 형 AC + DC 커플 링 제너레이터

PSM3750은 PSM2200 및 PSM17xx 시리즈의 주파수 응답 분석기 제품군의 성공을 기반으로하고 고압, 고 정확도의 절연 솔루션을 제공하기 위해 전력 분석기 범위의 절연 입력 채널 설계 및 개발에서 얻은 경험을 결합합니다 이득 및 위상 측정. 500Vpk 갈바닉 절연 입력 / 출력 채널 내에서 직접 디지털 분석과 헤테로 다인 기술을 모두 포함하는 혁신적인 설계를 사용하는 PSM3750은 오늘날 사용 가능한 다른 어떤 계측기보다 넓은 주파수 범위에서 광범위한 측정 기능을 제공합니다.

다른 N4L 제품과 마찬가지로 PSM3750 NumetriQ는 최신 DSP 및 FPGA 기술을 사용하여 각 측정 기능의 성능을 저하시키지 않으면 서 속도와 측정 유연성을 제공하는 아날로그 하드웨어 사용을 최적화합니다.


Features & Benefits
Frequency range 10µHz to 50MHz Isolated inputs – 500 Vpk
Gain accuracy at < 1 MHz 0.01 dB Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz 0.025°
Frequency response analyzer Impedance analyzer
Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter RMS Volt Meter / Oscilloscope
Loop response analysis Harmonic analyzer


Measurement Specifications
Frequency Response Analyzer
Measuremnent Magnitude, Gain (CH1/CH2,CH2/CH1),
Gain (dB), Offset Gain (dB), Phase (º)
Frequency Range 10μHz to 50MHz
20mHz to 500kHz with External Source
Gain Accuracy in dB 0.01dB + 0.1dB / MHz < 5MHz
0.31dB + 0.04dB / MHz < 50MHz
Phase Accuracy 0.025º < 10kHz
0.05deg + 0.00025deg / kHz < 50MHz
Frequency Source Generator or CH1 Input
Measuremnent Real Time DFT, no missing data
Speed Up to 100 readings per second
Filter Selectable from 0.2 seconds
Phase Angle Voltmeter
Measurement In Phase, Quadrature, Tan Ø, Magnitude, Phase, In-Phase ratio, rms, rms ratio, LVDT differential, LVDT ratiometric
Frequency Range 10μHz to 50MHz
20mHz to 500kHz with External Source
Basic Accuracy (AC) 0.075% range + 0.075% reading + 50µV < 10kHz
0.075% range + 0.25% + 0.001% / kHz rdg + 50µV < 1MHz
0.075% range + 0.01% + 0.00025% / kHz rdg + 50µV < 50MHz
LCR Meter
Functions L,C,R (AC), Q, Tan Delta, Impedance,
Phase – Series or Parallel Circuit
Frequency Range 10μHz to 50MHz
Current Shunt External or Optional IAI2 Impedance Interface
LCR Measurement Functions
Resistance (R) 1mOhm to 500MOhm
Reactance (X) 1mOhm to 500MOhm
Impedance (Z) 1mOhm to 500MOhm
Capacitance Value (Cp & Cs) 1pF to 1mF
Phase Angle 0 to 360 deg with 0.001 degree resolution
Q. Factor +/- 0.00001 ~ 9999.99
Tan Delta (Reciprocal of Q, also known as Dissipation Factor D) +/- 0.00001 ~ 9999.99
Admittance (Y) reciprocal of impedance (Siemen) +/- 2nS to 1KS
Conductance (G) resistive part of admittance (Siemen) +/- 2nS to 1KS
Susceptance (B) reactive part of admittance (Siemen) +/- 2nS to 1KS
Voltage Bias +/- 10V
Ranges (External Shunt) Inductance 1H to 100 H
Capacitance 100pF to 100F
Resistance 1Ω to 1MΩ
Basic Accuracy 0.1% + Tolerance of Shunt
Basic Accuracy 0.1% + tolerance of selected current shunt
Sweep Capability all AC functions
True RMS Voltmeter
Channels 2 (Optional 3rd Channel Available)
Frequency Range DC to 5MHz
5MHz to 50MHz fundamental only
Measurement RMS, AC, DC, PEAK, CF, SURGE, dBm
Basic Accuracy (AC) As PAV + 0.05mV
Basic Accuracy (DC) 0.1% range + 0.1% reading + 0.5mV
Power Meter
Measurements W, VA, PF, V, A, total, fundamental and integrated, power harmonics
Frequency Range DC to 5MHz
5MHz to 50MHz fundamental only
Current Shunt External
Current Accuracy As Voltage + external shunt tolerance
Watts Accuracy 0.1% VA range + 0.1% reading + external shunt tolerance
Signal Generator
Type Fully isolated 10Vrms output protected to 500Vpk, Direct Digital Synthesis
Frequency 10μHz to 50MHz
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, White Noise
Accuracy (no trim) Frequency 0.05%
Amplitude ±5% < 10MHz,
Amplitude ± 10% < 50MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm ± 2%
100pF to Chassis
Output Level 35mVrms to 10Vrms
Offset ±10vdc, Resolution 20mV
Harmonic Analyser
Scan Single or Series
Frequency range 20mHz to 5MHz
5MHz to 50MHz Fundamental only
Measurement Harmonic, Series, THD, Difference THD
Max Harmonic 100
Input Ranges
Differential Inputs 2 or 3 x Isolated Inputs 500Vpk
Connectors Isolated BNC
Coupling AC+DC, AC (<10VDC), AC (< 500VDC)
Max Common Mode 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V,
3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 500V,300mV*, 1V*, 3V*, 10V*
* High Voltage Attenuator
Scaling 1 x 10^-9 to 1 x 10^9
Ranging Full auto, Up only or Manual
Input Impedance 1M Ohm Differential / 100pF to Chassis
Output Resolution 5mV
Model Numbers
Available Packages
PSM3750 – 2C 2 Channel PSM3750
PSM3750 – 3C 3 Channel PSM3750
PSM3750 – 2C + IAI2 2 Channel PSM3750 + IAI2
PSM3750 – 3C + IAI2 3 Channel PSM3750 + IAI2
IAI2 – Impedance Analysis Interface
Frequency Range 10µHz to 50MHz
Measurement Parameters L, C, R, Z, Phase, QF, Tan (δ), Series and Parallel Circuit
Basic Accuracy 0.1% 1kHz
0.2% + 0.002% / kHz < 1MHz
0.2% + 0.0005% / kHz < 35MHz
0.2% + 0.001% / kHz < 50MHz
Measurement Ranges 10nH to 10kH, 1pF to 1000F,
1mΩ to 500MΩ
Phase Accuracy of Internal Shunts Low Shunt 5Ω, 0.1deg + 0.01deg / kHZ
Medium Shunt 50Ω, 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
High Shunt 5kΩ, 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
Very High Shunt 500kΩ 0.1deg + 0.05deg / kHz
Accessories and Ports
Probes 4 off with 2 Channel Version.
6 off with 3 Channel Version
Leads Output, RS232, Power
Software CommView, PSMComm2
Documentation Calibration Certificate, User Manual
RS232 Baud Rate to 19200, RTS/CTS flow control
Analog Output Bipolar ±10V on any measured function – BNC
Sync Output Pulse Synchronised to Generator
Extension Ports
(N4L Accessories)
15 pin female D type
LAN (Standard) 10 / 100 base-T Ethernet auto sensing RJ45
GPIB (Standard) IEEE488.2 Compatible
System Specifications
Fuctions Up to 4 measured functions, User Selectable
Datalog Window From 10mS with No Gap between each log
Memory RAM or Non Volatile Memory up to 16,000 records
Display 320 x 240 QVGA full colour TFT, White LED backlit
Dimensions 130H x 400w X 315D mm excluding feet
Weight 3.3kg (2Channel), 3.5kg (3 Channel)
Program Stores 100, Location 1 Loaded upon Power Up
Sweep Stores 2000, all parameters in any sweep function
Remote Opertation Full Capability, Control and Data


Application Notes and Related Articles
Below are a list of application notes related to the field of frequency response analysis
APP022 – PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio Testing) with the PSM
APP020 – Amplifier Frequency Response Analysis with the PSM
APP016 – Testing RFI line filters with the PSM
APP009 – Measuring low THD with the PSM17xx
APP008 – N4L’s guide to LCR measurement with the IAI
APP006 – High Voltage Capacitance Measurement with the PSM series analyzers
APP005 – Measuring Fluctuating Signals with the PSM
APP004 – Testing FSK communications with the PSM
APP003 – Using the PSM with LVDT’s
APP002 – Testing Loop Stability with the PSM
APP001 – Testing communications transformers with the PSM


PSM3750_Brochure PDF, 5.5Mb
PSM3750-Dimensions PDF, 90Kb
PSM3750-Rack-Dimensions PDF, 90Kb
PSMComm2 User Manual v1_1b PDF, 2.79Mb
PSM3750 User Manual v1.11 PDF, 679Kb
PSM3750 Comms Manual v1_17 PDF, 495Kb
PSM3750 Start Up Guide PDF, 2,720Kb
LCR Compensation Guide PDF, 165Kb
IAI2 User Manual PDF, 550Kb


PSM3750 Options, Software and Accessories
Communications Interfaces
Standard: RS232, USB, LAN, GPIB
Probes and Probe Accessory Options
IAI Impedance analyser 2 Interface + Kelvin Lead Set
IAI Kelvin Fixture Axial and Radial Component connection for LCR measurements
TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier
TTF35Telecom Test Fixture
HVx100 2500V Attenuating Probe
Injection Transformer Options
Injection transformers not required as PSM3750 features fully isolated generator
Current Measurement Options
Impedance measurement can also be performed via external shunts, the IAI2 is not required for this approach to impedance analysis and an LPA power amplifier provides the test signal. Voltage across the DUT is measured with CH1 on the PSM3750 and current through the device is measure with CH2 on the PSM3750 across the N4L HF current shunt.
HF010m 10mΩ/20Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF100m 100mΩ/6Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF470m 470mΩ/3Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF01A 1Ω/1Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
Port Accessory Options
USB to 9 Pin RS232 Serial Converter
Carry Cases
PSM3750 Soft Carry Case – Black Nylon Padded Case with accessory space, handle and strap
Rack Mounting Kit Options
PSM3750 Rack Mounting Kit – 19″ Rack Mount Kit including brackets and fixing screws for PSM3750
Calibration and Documentation
Standard Recalibration – PSM3750
Standard Recalibration – PSM3750 + IAI
External Laboratory ISO17025 UKAS Calibration + Standard Calibration – PSM3750
Spare set of user manuals – Hard copy of user and communications manual